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Welcome to Pine, Colorado

Elevation: 8,448'

Outdoor activities in Pine, Colorado are never ending. Enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, camping, rock climbing, horseback trails, famous trailheads, raptor watching and much more. Take it from a local - this is one of the coolest places on Earth! After you are done playing in the mud and doing what outdoor enthusiasts do, join us for a cold beer at our full bar and/or enjoy a bite to eat.


Bring the family, pet's included!

Photo credit by Jeffrey Beall - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Things to do in Pine, CO

1. Pine Valley Ranch Park  (1.9 miles from Zoka's)

    Off HWY 126

    30400 Crystal Lake Rd. Pine, CO 80470

  - One of the Buffalo Creek mountain bike trailheads; walking, hiking,         horseback riding, fishing (w/ permit), star gazing, etc. -  Jefferson County.

2. Reynolds Park   (15.6 miles from Zoka's)

    13577 County Road 97 Aspen Park, CO

    - Mountain biking, hiking, camping, access to Colorado Trail - Jefferson          County

3. Buffalo Creek Colorado

    Trail of Hwy 126 to Chair Rock.

    - Climbing, biking, hiking, horseback riding on Colorado Trail.

4. Gill Trailhead #610 at Cheesman Canyon from 126

    *Call 303-297-1192 for fishing license and any other information

    - Fishing & hiking

5. Cathedral Spires

    County Rd 126, left at County Rd 96 to the spires on left at turn out.    

    - Climbing, hiking, raptor watching

6. Stauton State Park   (10.7 miles from Zoka's)

    12102 S Elk Creek Road

    *Call 303-816-0912

    - Biking, hiking, walking, fishing (w/license), climbing, horseback riding, etc.

7. Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike trails

   Off HWY 126 and County Rd. 550 Little Scraggy trailhead      #1776

   - Biking & hiking

8. Beaver Ranch Community Park  (13.2 miles from Zoka's)

    11369 South Foxton Rd. Conifer, CO

    - Disc golf, hiking, walking, zip line, camping & dog park

Retail Outlets in Pine, CO

1. Pine Emporium (0.1 mile from Zoka's)

16714 County Road 126 Pine, CO 80470

   Contact: 303-838-5150

   Antiques & Collectibles 


2. Bucksnort Disc Golf Course

Contact Linda and Lowell to set up a tee time.
Contact: 303-838-1201


3. Glen Isle Resort for lodging and disc golf
Contact: 303-816-0790

3. Bucksnort Saloon  (1.8 miles from Zoka's)

    15921 S Elk Creek Road Pine, CO 80470

things to do in Pine
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